You might recognize some of our commercial clients.

Any commercial clients who tried our trial run has kept the system and lived happily ever after... at least as far as their water goes.


We provide water treatment for our commercial clients, protecting their multi-million dollar equipment for the last five years without a failure or contract cancelled. 

We want to provide the same protection to what's most valuable to you...your home and family.


Our technology is currently at work, and has been for over 10 years in over 400 homes in Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California.

Oh, and did we forget to mention these guys? That's right, the City of Thousand Oaks, California and Mesquite, Nevada.  


The City of Thousand Oaks has been using our technology for over five years. Recently we had to bid again on their water treatment, and were selected over 3 chemical companies. The largest of these chemical companies being worth over 11 billion dollars. 

We have clients that are cities. Just let that sink in.