We don't make the water. We just make it...better.

Our patent pending technology has been developed to make home water treatment chemical free, maintenance free, affordable, and environmentally friendly.

Electron Infusion™  activates and stabilizes the water molecules and minerals in the water (typically calcium & magnesium) that cause hard water scaling. Through the Electron Infusion™ process we are able to keep the healthy and beneficial minerals in the water, while our technology keeps the minerals from binding. Electron Infusion™ eliminates hard water scaling from occurring, as well as dissolves the bonds of already existing hard water scale which remove the built-up scale from pipes, plumbing fixtures, and appliances (hot water heaters, washing machines, and dishwashers).

This is all accomplished using space saving and maintenance free technology, which requires no salt, no magnets, no citrus and no black magic.

Our technology has been proven over the past 10 years in some of the hardest water applications, both residentially and commercially.

Good enough for a physician's family.

Is your money going down the drain?

What makes our New Water better?

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                 Who even has time to read?                                       

The New Water Company solves hard water problems.



85% of households in the U.S. experience problems with hard water. From scale on plumbing fixtures and shower, scale in pipes and appliances, to drier skin and hair. 


Homes with hard water may experience scale buildup on shower heads and faucets, in toilet bowls and bathtubs, and even on dishes and glassware.

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Hard water scale can build up in pipes and appliances, leading to decreased efficiency and lifespan.

Would you choose this? 

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Over this?

The latest in water treatment technology.

This painfully generic smart phone beats that old computer any day.  

It's the same choice with our technology. Water softener technology is 100 years old. That huge computer above is only 60. You do the math (because we both know that computer can't).

Sure, salt softeners work, but why not use something better? Our technology is better for your water, your wallet, your health, your home investment, and for the environment. But hey, if you're the kind of person that would prefer to pay more for an old black & white TV then you would for a new large screen HD TV then our technology probably isn't for you...for everyone else contact us today!